It’s the thunder of pounding waves crashing beyond wind whipped treetops well trained to obey the ocean’s breath. It’s the bobbing heads of hooded surfers braving legendary swells on endless beaches. It’s muted silver skies ushering in brilliant azure horizons. It is food so fresh that you often pass it on your morning stroll. It’s salt bathed streets teeming with restaurants, galleries and resorts constructed in true West Coast fashion. It’s living history nestled into surreal landscapes: this is Tofino, a force of nature that will captivate your every sense.

Located in the Clayoquot UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the village of Tofino typifies the majesty of the Pacific Northwest, boasting flawless natural beauty accentuated by a tapestry of vibrant communities. Tofino is home to a highly-acclaimed local food scene that produces some of the most innovative and exciting West Coast cuisine in existence. The area also inspires many renowned artists and artisans, who honor the magic of their home by bringing it into the physical realm. Add to that a climate that summons outdoor enthusiasts from all corners of the Earth and it is clear that Tofino is poised to please.

Welcoming in every sense of the word, Tofino is ready to let the world in. Offering idyllic beauty and unaffected hospitality, Tofino is a feat of art, adventure, culture and cuisine--an experience that can never be outlived. Thrilling physical spectacles, coupled with a rich community heritage make Tofino the ultimate destination for any traveler: whether you spend your day absorbing First Nations traditions, daring body and soul to conquer the many exciting challenges presented by the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, or engulfing your palate in the vast sea of local flavours, there truly is something for everyone in Tofino.