Standing for millennia on the south coast of Vancouver Island is a kingdom so untamable that words conjure only a wispy shadow of its majesty. A place where wandering trails carve through ancient rainforests, and colossal waves shatter driftwood onto stony shores. A symphony of primal growth and raw wilderness that demands your attention. In the midst of this verdant and fertile land are the seaside towns of Sooke and Port Renfrew, an apt blend of luxury and landscape.

The forests are shrouded in mist where giant trees stand proudly together in groves. The ground is littered with trunks softened by rot and covered in moss, feeding new growth with a daunting efficiency. It's too slow to see or hear, but you can feel it; what it's like to be alive.

The sea reigns over secluded beaches, wavering between serene calm and tempestuous gales depending on her ever-changing moods. Towering cliffs stand guard, covered in wave-smashed chasms and shimmering waterfalls where rivers meet the ocean. This is Sooke, and it's wild by nature.

Sooke - Nanaimo - Tofino

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Sooke - Nanaimo

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Sooke & Port Renfrew

2 Day Trip Itinerary

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We hiked with @annniegirl and @beauramsey all up and down the coastline between Sooke and Port Renfrew. They climbed over rocks in East Sooke Park, zipped through the tree canopy, showered under a secret waterfall and walked among giant rain forest trees. Check out their adventures and follow them on Instagram.

We brought @michaelmatti to Sooke to check out the wild forests and rocky beaches. He started out in East Sooke Park, travelled to all of the beaches between Sooke and Port Renfrew, stopped in Botanical Bay, and ended up in Avatar Grove. Check out his photos, and follow him on Instagram to watch his adventures all over the world.

Nestled on the perimeter of a sheltered harbor basin, the town of Sooke is a world away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. It is the southern-most gateway to Canada's authentic west coast, located 45 minutes from Victoria's Inner Harbour. The most direct route from the USA is to bring your vehicle on the Coho ferry from Port Angeles, Washington to downtown Victoria and continue on to Sooke.